We are hiring you to research adaptive nervous system stimulation

We are hiring!

We recently won a couple of grants in the field of intelligent therapeutic systems, and are now looking forward to fill positions with doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, clinician scientists, software engineers, research assistants and study nurses.


All positions are linked to the duration of the project, i.e. they are funded for up to three-years. All salaries are determined according to the German public service pay scale (TV-L).

About us

Our research group at the University Hospital Tübingen unites biomedical engineers, computer scientists, neuroscientists and physicians following a clear goal: To improve the life of patients suffering from chronic disorders using adaptive stimulation of the nervous system. To achieve this goal, we combine online-analysis of electrophysiology (e.g. EEG, LFP), non-invasive (tCS, tMS, NMES) and invasive (DBS) stimulation.

We are a translational group. That means, we are working closely together with biomedical companies to gain access to new tools, we combine basic studies on healthy subjects with clinical studies on patient populations, and apply the knowledge gained from these studies to develop and refine these new tools.

About the projects

The projects we are hiring for include the research of stimulation effects at the cortical, subcortical and corticospinal level as well as the modulation of these effects by the brain-state. We are looking to fill positions for the following projects:

  • Deep brain stimulation with segmented leads for Parkinson’s Disorder
  • Individualized brain modulation with adaptive transcranial stimulation
  • Brain-state dependent small-fiber-matrix-stimulation for pain treatment
  • Targeted vagus nerve stimulation via the ear to modulate the autonomous nervous system
  • Sleep-related transcranial stimulation for ADHD treatment
  • Interactive neuro-robotics for neurorehabiltiation

About you

We are seeking qualified applicants for research project on the adaptive stimulation of the nervous system using peripheral and/or cortical stimulation. Applicants are expected to allocate their time between individual research projects and collaborative departmental work.

  • Formal qualification according to your desired position
  • excellent communication skills and ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team
  • creative and passionate about research that improves patient’s lifes
  • experience with a research computing language such as Python, R, or Matlab
  • experience with relevant technique, i.e. tCS, TMS, NMES, M/EEG, or EMG
  • demonstrated knowledge of neurophysiology and/or digital signal processing
  • willingness to learn German sufficiently for conversation with patients

Your direct supervisor will be Prof. Dr. Alireza Gharabaghi. Please address questions and completed applications electronically to me


If you prefer to send with PGP encryption, you can use this key

Please include within one pdf-file:

  1. Cover letter describing how you meet the essential and desired requirements, including details of past research projects
  2. Research statement and motivational letter (1-2 pages or ~1000 words)
  3. Curriculum vitae
  4. Names and email address of three professional references (e.g. current or previous research advisors)
  5. Transcript of Records
  6. TOEFL scores or other evidence of English proficiency
  7. GRE scores (optional)

Please include in a compressed file (e.g. as .zip):
- Copies of previous research manuscripts, journal papers, conference contributions or similar